CSS Online Quiz - Section 12

CSS Image

1.Which element is used in the HEAD section on an HTML / XHTMLpage, if we want to use an external style sheet file to decorate the page ?

2. Which attribute can be added to many HTML / XHTML elements to identify them as a member of a specific group ?

3. When we write img src="img.png", what "img.png" inside double quote implies?

4. Which css property you will use if you want to add some margin between a DIV's border and its inner text ?

5. The default value of "position" attribute is _________.

6. How will you make all paragraph elements 'RED' in color ?

7. By default Hyperlinks are displayed with an underline. How do you remove the underline from all hyperlinks by using CSS code ?

8. Which of the following selector selects all the elements of E that have the attribute attr that end with the given value?

9.Which of the following selector selects the element that are checked?

10.Which of the following selector selects the element that has no children?

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