Digital Electronics Online Quizzes - Section 18

1. The code used for labeling the cells of a K-map is

2. The number of cells in a 6 variable K-map is

3. The Quine– McClusky method of minimization of a logic expression is a

(i) Graphical method

(ii) Algebraic method

(iii) Tabular method

(iv) A computer-oriented algorithm The correct answers are

4. In simplification of a Boolean function of n variables, a group of 2m adjacent 1s leads to a term with

5. A 16-square eliminates

6. In K-map simplification, a group of four adjacent 1s leads to a term with

7. Minimization of logical expressions while designing digital systems helps in reducing

8. The NAND-NAND realization is equivalent to

9. The NOR-NOR realization is equivalent to

10. AND-OR realization of a combinational circuit is equivalent to

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