Electronic Devices and Circuits Online Quizzes - Section 6

1. Which among the following represents the frequency at which short circuit CE current gain acquires unit magnitude?

2. The cut-off frequency fβ is basically the frequency at which the short circuit __________

3. Which among the below specified parameters exhibit inverse relationship with an input conductance of hybrid π model?

4. The rate of -20 dB/decade is almost equivalent to __________

5. Fidelity is nothing but an ability of amplifier to reproduce ________

6. The value of dBm in power measurement is estimated by assuming the reference ,which is equal to ________

7. The parameter 'h12' is basically a ratio of input voltage to the output voltage with the input current equal to _______

8. What should be the level of input resistance to allow the occurrence of source loading in common base amplifier configuration?

9. Which type of amplifiers exhibit the current gain approximately equal to unity without any current amplification?

10. Generally, the resistance of thermistor decreases _______

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