Mixture or Alligation Online Quizzes - Section 1

1. Rajesh has a container which has a mixture of wine and water in it. Wine and water are in the ratio 4:1. Rajesh spills some of the mixture by accident. He then replaces the spilled amount with water of same quantity. But now the wine to water ratio became 3:2. How much water did Rajesh add?

2. Chaman has two big cans of wine and water mixture. Chaman mixes the contents of both the cans in a big container. The new mixture has half water and half wine. In what quantity did Chaman mix contents of Can 1 and 2 if Can 2 has wine to water ratio of 2:3 and Can 1 has wine to water ratio 5:3?

3. A milkman had water and milk mixture in a can with water to milk ratio 5:7. He accidently spills 9 liters of the mixture. He then fills the can with water equal in quantity to spilled mixture. This makes the water to milk ratio 9:7. How much milk did the can initially have?

4. Sunil started a juice (lemon syrup + water) counter. Initially he had 140 liter juice which had 30% water in it. He sold 20 liters of the juice. Then he added equal amount of lemon syrup and water. Now the ratio of water to lemon syrup became 1:2. How much water was added later on?

5. Rohit buys some rice at Rs. 10.40 per kg. He mixes it with some rice having price Rs. 8.8 per kg. The final mixture becomes 15kg in weight and with total worth Rs. 146.40. What is the quantity of rice priced at Rs. 8.8 per kg?

6. Chandan buys some sugar at Rs. 15 per kg. He mixes it with sugar having price Rs. 18 per kg. The final mixture becomes worth Rs. 16 per kg. What is the ratio of quantities of type 1 sugar to type 2 sugar?

7. One can is completely filled and contains 100% water. Another similar can is completely filled with a solution of 50% wine and 50% water. When both the cans are emptied in a steel vessel, what will be ratio of water to wine in the vessel?

8. A solution of honey and water is 28 litres, with honey and water in ratio 4:3. To this a 21 litre honey-water solution is added that has honey to water ratio as 2:1. Again a 51 litre honey-water solution that has honey to water ratio as 9:8 is added to this. After this 10 litre of the solution is replaced with pure honey. What is ratio of water to honey in the final mixture?

9. Ramesh mixes 60 litres of Type-1 acid with some litres of Type-2 acid. Type-1 acid rate is Rs. 32 per litre while Type-2 rate is Rs. 23 per litre. Ramesh sells this acid-mix at rate Rs. 28 per litre. How much Type-2 acid is needed to make it a no profit no loss transaction?

10. One glass has juice and water in the ratio 5:2 while other glass has them in ratio 7:4, respectively. If both glasses poured in a vessel, then what will be final ratio of water to juice in the vessel?

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