Permutation and Combination Online Quizzes - Section 6

1. In a factory for five jobs the members A, B, C, D, E are eligible.In how many ways the first two jobs can be filled?

2. In a factory for five jobs the members A, B, C, D, E are eligible.All jobs can be filled in hcw many ways?

3. If 6 identical coins are arranged in a row, then number of arrangements in which 4 are heads and 2 are tails are

4. l'here are four bus lines between A and B; and three bus lines between Band C. The number of ways a person can travel by bus from A to C by way of B will be

5. How many 10 digits numbers can be written by using the digits 1 and 2 ?

6. The number of ways in which a team of eleven players can be selected from 22 players including 2 of them and excluding 4 of them is

7. In an examination there are three multiple choice questions and each question has 4 choices. Number of ways in which a student can fail to get all answers correct is

8. The number n of ways that an organization consisting of twenty -six members can elect a president, treasurer, and secretary (assuming no person is elected to more than one position) is

9. Ten different letters of an alphabet are given. Words with five letters are formed from these given letters. Then the number of words which have at least one letter repeated is

10.There are (n + 1) white and (n + 1) black balls each set numbered 1 to n + 1. The number of ways in which the balls can be arranged in a row so that adjacent balls are of different colours, is

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