Permutation and Combination Online Quizzes - Section 16

1. If 16Pr-1 : 15Pr-1 = 16:7 then find r.

2. In a colony, there are 55 members. Every member posts a greeting card to all the members. How many greeting cards were posted by them?

3. Find the number of ways of arranging the letters of the words DANGER, so that no vowel occupies odd place.

4. Find the sum of all four digit numbers that can be formed by the digits 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 without repetition.

5. If nPr = 3024 and nCr = 126 then find n and r.

6. Find the number of rectangles and squares in an 8 by 8 chess board respectively.

7. There are 20 points in a plane, how many triangles can be formed by these points if 5 are colinear?

8. In how many ways can we select 6 people out of 10, of which a particular person is not included?

9. Number of circular permutations of different things taken all at a time is n!.

10. Is the given statement true or false? nCr= nCn-r

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