Permutation and Combination Online Quizzes - Section 8

1. There are 12 Buses running between London and Manchester, In how many ways can Jose Mourinho go from London to Manchester and return in a different Bus ?

2. In how many ways number of 2 digits can be formed out of the four digits 1,2,3 and 4 ?

3. Find the number of words that can be formed using letters L,M,N and O ?”

4. In how many ways a football Team of 11 can be selected from a squad of 15 players ?

5. How many arrangements can be formed out of letters of the word CALCUTTA ?

6. How many numbers greater than a million can be formed with the digits 2,3,0,4,3,3,3 ?

7. How many different words can be formed with the letters of the word BHARAT??

8. In how many ways the letters of the word FAMILY can be arranged when F and Y are always together ?

9. In how many different ways the seven letters in the word MINIMUM be arranged if all of the 7 letters are used each time ?

10. If a Car registration number have four symbols, the first two of which are letters and the remainder digits, how many different registration numbers can be made ?

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