Ratio and proportion Online Quizzes - Section 14

1. If a:b = 4:1, then find (a - 3b)/(2a - b)?

2. if (x + y)/(2x + y) = 4/5, then find (2x + y)/(3x + y) ?

3. There are two positive numbers in the ratio 5:8. If the larger number exceeds the smaller by 15, then find the smaller number?

4. An amount of Rs.1560 was divided among A, B and C in the ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4. Find the share of C?

5. The ratio of the earnings of P and Q is 9:10. If the earnings of P increases by one-fourth and the earnings of Q decreases by one-fourth, then find the new ratio of their earnings?

6. Amar, Bhavan and Chetan divide an amount of Rs.5600 among themselves in the ratio 3:6:5. If an amount of Rs.400 is deducted from each of their shares, what will be the new ratio of their shares of the amount?

7. 64 boys and 40 girls form a group for social work. During their membership drive, the same number of boys and girls joined the group. How many members does the group have now, if the ratio of boys to girls is 4:3?

8. The ratio of the present ages of Giri and Hari is 5:8. 12 years hence, the ratio of their ages will be 11:14. Find the difference in their present ages?

9. Three number are in the ratio 5:6:7. The sum of its largest and smallest numbers equals the sum of the third number and 48. Find the third number?

10. Income and expenditure of a person are in the ratio 5:4. If the income of the person is Rs.18000, then find his savings?

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