Ratio and proportion Online Quizzes - Section 7

1. If the ratio of present ages of Jeet and Jay is 5:7 and after 6 years the ratio will be 3:4, what is the present age of Jay?

2. Find the value of x when y = 5, if x varies directly as 4y-1 and x = 14 when y = 2.

3. What is the fourth proportional to the numbers 2, 5, 8.

4. The third proportional to x2-y2, x-y is?

5. a:b = 5:2. What is the value of (8a + 9b): (8a + 2b)?

6. A, B and C distribute Rs. 1,000 among them. A and C have Rs. 400, B and C Rs. 700. How much does C have?

7. Ratio of areas of incircle and circumcircle of an equilateral triangle is?

8. Determine the number which should be subtracted from (14, 17) and (34, 42) to make remainders in same ratio?

9. A sum of money was to be divided amongst A and B in the ratio of 2:3. If the money is divided in the ratio of 3: 2, A will benefit by Rs. 75. The total money is

10. In what ratio must one add water to milk so as to gain 16.666% on the selling this mixture at the cost price?

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