Ratio and proportion Online Quizzes - Section 6

1. A housewife wishes to purchase three articles A, B and C from a sum of Rs. 200. The unit prices of the articles A, B and C are Rs. 20, Rs. 35 and Rs. 25 respectively. If she spends the entire amount by purchasing 5 numbers of articles of type C, what is the ratio of the number of articles purchased of type A to that of, type B?

2. Shruti purchased several number of three articles P, Q and R in the proportion 3 : 2 : 3. If the unit costs of the articles P, Q and R are 200, Rs. 90 and Rs. 60 respectively, how many articles of Q must have been purchased in the total purchases of Rs. 4800?

3. If a : b = 2 : 3, find the value of (3a + 5b) : (3a – b)

4. The ratio of two numbers is 5:9. If each number is decreased by 5, the ratio becomes 5:11. Find the numbers.

5. In what ratio should the profit of Rs.8000 be divided if X starts a business with an investment of Rs. 20000, Y invests Rs.7500 for 4 months and Z invests Rs.15000 after 3 months from the start of the business.

6. In a partnership for a business, Jay invests Rs.6000 for complete year & Viru invests Rs.3000 for 6 months. What is Viru’s share if they earn Rs.240 as profit?

7. Two kinds of rice, 1st costs Rs.13 per kg and 2nd costs Rs.19 per kg are mixed together. Find the ratio in which the 2 types are mixed so that the mixture costs Rs.14.2 per kg?

8. If a flat costs Rs.4500 per sq. ft, and a commercial space costs Rs.9500 per sq. ft, then what is the ratio of their areas if the total cost of both are the same?

9. Ravi started off with a business with a capital of Rs.60000. Later he was joined by Kishan with Rs.40000 as his share. If Kishan received 1/3rd of the total profit after 1 year, for how many months did he invest?

10. In what ratio should the profit be divided if M, N, O invests capital in ratio 2:3:5 and their timing of their investments are in the ratio 4:5:6.

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