Mass Transfer question bank (Question Bank . Paper 73) Section- 10

1. Freundlich equation applies to the adsorption of solute from

2. The minimum number of theoretical plates is required for achieving a given separation in distillation column with

3. Pick out the wrong statement. Generally, for physical adsorption, a gas of

4.In extractive distillation, solvent is

5. When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation

6.Which of the following unit operations makes use of Thiele-Geddes equation?

7. Steam distillation is used to

8. Azeotropic distillation is employed to separate

9. In distillation columns, the number of bubble caps per tray primarily depends upon the

10. For ethanol-water system, the lowering of distillate quality from 95% to 92% will cause __________ plate requirement.

11. The assumption made in Elis method in distillation is that enthalpy concentration lines of vapor and liquid are

12.The fixed cost of a distillation column at minimum reflux ratio is

13. Design calculation for multiple component distillation is done by

14.As complete saturation of an adsorbent is approached, the differential heat of adsroption approaches

15. With decrease in the throughput (compared with the design capacity) for a bubble cap distillation column, its efficiency

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