Mass Transfer question bank (Question Bank . Paper 73) Section- 11

1. In distillation column design, the McCabe-Thiele procedure is inadequate and a Ponchan-Savarit procedure is needed, when

2. Solvent used in extractive distillation

3. Pick out the wrong statement. Generally, for physical adsorption, a gas of

4.Back-trapping in a distillation colum

5. When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation

6.Flooding in a vapor-liquid contacting equipment occurs in a tray, when the pressure drop through a tray is __________ the liquid head available in the downcomer.

7. Steam distillation is used to

8. At a given equilibrium pressure, with increase in temperature, the concentration of adsorbed gas on solid adsorbant

9. In distillation columns, the number of bubble caps per tray primarily depends upon the

10. Which of the following adsorbent is used to decolourise yellow glycerine?

11. The assumption made in Elis method in distillation is that enthalpy concentration lines of vapor and liquid are

12.The relative volatility of a binary mixture at the azeotropic composition is

13. Though, theoretically the adsorption & desorption isotherms is expected to coincide but sometimes at least a part of the isotherms does not coincide and this phenomenon is known as adsorption hysterisis. In such cases, the desorption equilibrium pressure is __________ that obtained for adsorption.

14.As complete saturation of an adsorbent is approached, the differential heat of adsroption approaches

15. At what percentage (by volume) of alcohol composition, it forms an azeotrope with water?

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