The central Islamic lands Section- 1

1.By whom Ali assassinated?

2. Zakat was an/a

3.The Caliph during whose reign the Hijri was established was:

4. What was the name given to nomadic Arab tribes?

5.The semi-historical works sira in Islamic history are

6.The Umayyad Emperor who introduced Arabic as the language of administration was .

7. Who introduced an Islamic coinage?

8. The woman-saint Sufi who, in her poems, preached intense love for God by uniting with God was

9. After the Arabs and Iranians, the group that was rising to power on the Islamic scene was the

10.Prophet Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina with his followers in 622 CE is called hijra:

11. Caliph Muawiya shifted his capital to

12. The followers and non-followers of Ali were called

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