Mass Transfer question bank (Question Bank . Paper 73) Section- 13

1. Define Film theory

2. Define absorption factor

3. Large scale usage of flash distillation is practised in

4.The absorption factor 𝐴=𝐿/𝑚𝐺 is the ratio of the slope of the operating line to that of the equilibrium curve.

5.Tray spacing in a distillation column of dia 10-12 ft. used in petroleum refinery may be around __________ inches.

6.State four characteristics of solvents used in absorption operation .

7. Ion exchange process is similar to

8. What is dispersion?

9. The operating cost of a distillation column at minimum reflux ratio is

10.Which of the following processes is not an example of adsorption applied to gaseous separations ?

11. What is Coalescence:

12.Define molecular diffusion.

13. State Fick ‘s Law of Diffusion.

14.State Kremser-Brown- Souder‘s equation

15. Calculate the mass concentration of 2-gram moles of sulphur dioxide to be used to manufacture sulfuric acid in a 0.20 m3 of reactor

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