Mass Transfer question bank (Question Bank . Paper 73) Section- 8

1. In McCabe-Thiele method, at infinite reflux ratio

2. An aqueous solution of methanol is to be distilled in a tray column. High pressure steam is available as a source of heat. For a given reflux ratio and overhead composition, two options are being explored; (i) a reboiler is used and (ii) no reboiler is used but steam is fed directly to the bottom of the column. As compared to option (i), in option (ii)

3. In distillation where q is defined as the moles of liquid flow in the stripping section per mole of feed introduced, for saturated liquid feed

4.Pick out the correct statement.

5. When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation

6.When the liquid phase and vapour phase of a binary system obeys Raoult's and Dalton's law respectively, the relative volatility is the ratio of

7. On moving the feed line (q-line) from saturated liquid feed (vertical position) to saturated vapor feed (horizontal feed), if the slope of both the operating lines are to be increased, then it will result in

8. The-relative volatility for separation of a non-ideal binary mixture by distillation should be

9. Which of the following solutions will follow Raoult's law most closely ?

10. Pick out the wrong statement:

11. The assumption made in Elis method in distillation is that enthalpy concentration lines of vapor and liquid are

12.If the path of liquid across the plate is very long as in case of large diameter tower, Murphree efficiency can be __________ percent.

13. If f = moles of vapour present per mole of feed, then the slope of feed line is (Mcabe- Thiele method)

14.Raoult's law applies to the

15. Ponchan-Savarit method analyses the fractional equipment based on

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