Mass Transfer question bank (Question Bank . Paper 73) Section- 9

1. What is the reflux ratio at total reflux?

2. The minimum number of theoretical plates is required for achieving a given separation in distillation column with

3. Positive deviation from Raoult's law means a mixture whose total pressure is

4.Pick out the correct statement.

5. When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation

6.When acetone is added in a two-layer mixture of methyl isobutyl ketone and water at 30°C, the acetone distributes between the two layers and the composition of the layer follows two solubility curves. For this system

7. Steam distillation is used to

8. The-relative volatility for separation of a non-ideal binary mixture by distillation should be

9. Which of the following solutions will follow Raoult's law most closely ?

10. For ethanol-water system, the lowering of distillate quality from 95% to 92% will cause __________ plate requirement.

11. The assumption made in Elis method in distillation is that enthalpy concentration lines of vapor and liquid are

12.As the reflux ratio decreases, the

13. If f = moles of vapour present per mole of feed, then the slope of feed line is (Mcabe- Thiele method)

14.As complete saturation of an adsorbent is approached, the differential heat of adsroption approaches

15. The change in enthalpy per unit weight of adsorbed gas when adsorbed on gas free or "outgassed" adsorbent to from a definite concentration of adsorbate is called its

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