Writing and city life Section- 1

1.From which wordCuneiform is derived?

2. Which language replaced the Sumerian language after 2400 BCE?

3.In the 2000 BCE, the city that flourished as the royal capital of Mesopotamia was

4.With which person, the first event of Sumerian trade is associated?

5. Inanna was the Goddess of.

6.The earliest temples in Southern Mesopotamia were built-in .

7. Mesopotamian weapons were prominently made of

8. The Mesopotamian city, which was systematically excavated in the 1930s, was

9. The Achaemenids of Iran conquered Babylon in

10.The King who released Babylonia from Assyrian domination in 625 BCE was

11. The technological landmark witnessed by the urban economy of the city of Uruk was

12. War captives and local people who were put to work for the temple or for the ruler were paid

13. In ______ part of southern Iran, the first cities and writing emerged.

14.The Mesopotamian ruler who became the king of Akkad, in 2370 BCE, was

15.Inanna was the Goddess of.

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